BA Boosts 1 year anniversary

On September 4th 2020 BAB is turning 1 year old! This calls for a big celebration and that’s why we’ll be holding a big party filled with events on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 September. You and everyone within the BA community is welcome to join us on celebrating this occasion!
What do we have planned?

TLDR version:

Saturday 5th of September

8PM UTC – Manhunt!

10PM UTC – Gimmick Races

Sunday 6th of September

8PM UTC – Leech tournament

10PM UTC – Awards

10:30PM UTC – Drop Party

You can vote for the awards here!




Saturday 5th of September:



We all know what this means! Manhunt is a team based game where you have to solve clues to find the hiding location to earn points. The rules are simple; we will provide you with a series of four clues in descending order of difficulty, all of which will provide hints to help you and your team locate the secret location. You must dd on the person hiding and say your team name. Points will be allocated depending on order of finding us. The winning team will receive a cash prize and a discord title! You'll be participating in teams of four that you can preform before the event begins, and additional teams will be formed the day of the event for anyone lacking a full team. If you've preformed a team let anyone on the StarTeam know so we can keep track of it!


We’ll be hosting 2 sets of gimmick races. The 1st set gimmick races will be evil defender races and the 2nd set gimmick races will be a colour themed run. These gimmick races will be with teams of 5 players and no leeches, so really anyone is welcome!

Evil Defender
During the evil defender races the main objective is to finish waves 1-10 asap! Nothing evil about that, right? Well, as soon as teams are picked by the captains, the host will pick 1 random member of each team to be the “Evil Defender”. It’s the Evil Defender his job to make it as hard as possible for his team to win the race. They will try to do this e.g. raaa’ing runners, placing food all over the map, building barriers, shooting blue eggs… You can choose to use 2 defenders if you like to. Only the one picked by the hosts will be the evil defender, the other defender can play as normal (if you chose to use 2 defenders). The team that can finish first will be rewarded a prize and of the team that finishes last, the Evil Defender on that team will be rewarded with a prize! Some ground rules for the Evil Defender to make it fair: - You can not leave waves - You can not log out - You can not purposely stall to get yourself de-scrolled or stall in between waves - You can not purposely afk during wave 10 to kill yourself - Once you’re handed the omega egg, you’re expected to complete it and pass it to the collector.

Colour Themed races

Picked in draft format, each team will be required to dress up in Light vs Dark themed gear (white/Dark Grey coloured gear only) - use the links below to see the list of approved items. You MUST only choose items listed by this site or specified as allowed in a Q&A we’ll open later. You can filter each slot to view a wider array of items. If you're unsure whether something will be allowed, send us a message. Void will also be prohibited. The winning team of each race will be awarded with a cash prize and a discord title!
Dark grey:


Sunday 6th of September:


Who is the real leech king? Lets do a tournament and find out! This tournament is meant for people who are aware of leech strats as the teams will consist out of 4 players and 1 leech. The leech will not be a normal customer, but someone from the ba community. So If you’re not familiar with leech strats, but want to partake in the tourney, sign up as a leech and have a front row seat while you afk and get free points! At the start of the tournament captains will draft their teams and will be assigned a team number. This number decides the starting position within the brackets. (You can find an example bracket below). The brackets are setup that every team can at least partake in two runs. You never know if the first run was a fluke and you come out victorious after all! The winners of the tournaments will receive a cash prize and a special discord title!





We wouldn’t be able to celebrate BAB’s first birthday if it wasn’t for you! That’s why we’ll be holding an award show where we showcase the amazing community we have.
There will be 5 different categories you can vote in:

- Most improved at BA
- Best teacher of the cc
- Biggest joker
- Your 3 favourite ranks
- Your 3 favourite stars

You can vote for the awards here!


To finish off an amazing weekend celebrating BAB’s 1st birthday, we’ll finish with a big drop party! If you want to, you can donate to this drop party and make it even bigger. Contact any star about this.
Donation list: