BA Boosts rules

Here are a few rules you should aim to follow while you are a member of this cc: 1. Do not harass any player, whether they are in the cc or not.

2. Do not break or encourage the breaking of Runescape's or Ba Boosts's rules.

3. Do not impersonate other ranks or leech on any unranked accounts. Please change your discord name to your RSN. NO SECRET ALTS

4. Do not flame people for mistakes! Everyone makes them, including you. If someone is underperforming, please let a member of the star team know or you can send a complaint anonymously to us using this form: Alternatively, if you would like to send some positive vibes to another cc member, then you can send a compliment to them using this form:

5. To join/form a team once a client is in the queue... Please ask "+?" If a team is already forming the will answer with however many people are needed for the team.

For example: If 1 team member is needed, and they need an attacker as they already have a heal/defender/collector, they would say +1 a. You would then reply with "+0" if you want to join that team. +5 = no client.

6. No preforming teams. The "+?" should always be used to fairly form teams! This means once a team has finished, you all must + in again in the event someone else is already +'d in.

Amendment: If it's +4 we will allow the preforming of teams 4>0. If the + is 3, 2 or 1 you should wait until the team forms or ask the current team if they are okay with you skipping them. Skipping can only be done if the next order in the queue is the same length as the team that's already forming. You cannot preform for a 1r. This amendment will stand as long as ranks are respectful of others, if this process is abused to exclude ranks then we will remove this amendment.

7. Once a team has formed, the pick order of roles will work in order of the people that + in. This means first come first served. You'll get to choose your roles if you + into a team earlier on. You can also randomise roles using the #bab-bot channel for fairness.

8. If you are ranked in multiple roles, it is expected that you prioritise the filling of the team over a single preference. For example if you're a sergeant rank and all other ranks are only ranked in def/heal then you would be expected to attack. This supersedes rule 11 if p-lists are ranked in multiple roles. ALL RANKS MUST BE ABLE TO COLLECT TO THE REQUIRED STANDARD.

9. Duologgers are allowed to play in the event a leech hasn't formed in 10 or more minutes. If you duo log, you must split the gp 30/30/40% Duologging will only be done by those who can keep up to standards!

10. If you need to leave mid leech, please ask for a sub for your role before leaving! Subs are always prioritised over new leech teams forming! So please + out and sub if you have the opportunity.

If you are collector you are expected to have made points or close enough that extra rounds cleanup aren't required, you should not +out & leave your sub to do extra clean up waves for you. If you've started an order you are expected to finish it so please don't +out unless it's an emergency or you have prearranged a substitute.

11. Members on the Practice List will only be on there for 3 weeks. This means you need to retrial within 3 weeks of being put on the practice list or you will lose your privilege to join leeches in the role you got p-listed for. The stand-down time between trials is 1 week unless specified by the rank that trialed you. P-lists get preference for their p-listed role whenever possible, this rule exists to motivate people to get better at their role to pass their next trial.

12. All ranks are expected to read #running-info, familiarise themselves with the #queue. All ranks are expected to update the queue & help with customer support.

Familiarise yourself with our #prices, clients with 20HP or less will be charged 20% more.

13. Never PM or DM clients. Please remind clients that we will only contact them in the cc or in the #customer-support channel when adding them to the queue. Clients should always be told to never trust pms & to never trade a player that's not ranked in the cc.

If you're adding them on discord you can use the !s command or if you're in the clan chat please advise them to turn their private chat to friends.

14. Do not lend items or ask to lend items without collateral. Any clan member that is; on Runewatch, the WDR's ban list for scamming, or who attempts to scam will be banned immediately.