Frequently asked questions

How long does it take?

We cannot give accurate wait times for when your team will form. This is simply because it's dependant on how many clients are in the queue, which clients are online at the time & the priority of each client. We also have to factor in how many ranks & teams we have running, which changes with timezones. We aim to run 24/7 but certain times are busier than others.
Not to mention we'd have to factor in the length of orders that ranks are currently running & the time it takes to form new teams between clients. With so many changing variables it's difficult for us to accurately give queue times. Our goal is always to serve clients as efficently as we can & we thank you for your patience.

One thing that is constant is that your priority in our queue will always increase over time, so regardless if you're offline or online your spot will be saved. If you do wish to track your progress & see how many orders we have currently in the queue then visit our live Client Queue. Your spot will correspond with the Client ID you will be given once being added.

We do not schedule times, we run whoever is online at the top of our queue once a team as formed.

The estimated speed of each order can be found in our Services & pricing page. These estimated speeds are taken from when your team has formed & do not include queue times.

How do I sign up?

Join the " Ba Boosts" clan chat or send us a message in the #customer-support channel in our discord. Any of our ranks can add you to the queue. Please don't PM or DM ranks in game or in Discord. To prevent scammers we won't ever private or direct message you, nor will we reply to these messages.

Once you've been added to our queue you can check your spot in our live queue using your Client ID which our ranks will assign you. If you forget your Client ID at any time then just ask us for it. If you don't appear in our live queue within 5 minutes just let one of our ranks know & they will double check that you've been marked online.

How do I pay, when do I pay & how will I be notified when I'm up?

All payments must be made upfront and you should only pay once your team has formed. However, if you don't want to pay the full amount in one go that is fine, you can pay per queen kill if you prefer.

You should only ever trade gp to ranked members of the " Ba Boosts" cc once your team has formed. We will only ever notify you that your team has formed by calling you in our clan chat or in the #customer-support channel of our discord. WE WILL NEVER PM YOU.

Keep in mind our reputation is our business & we take the safety of our clients very seriously.
We guarantee that as long as you follow our safety precautions of not trusting PMs & only paying the ranked members of the " Ba Boosts" cc that you will always get what you have paid for. If you wish to see our vouches then check out our discord page. We are proud to say we have an unblemished record across the thousands of orders we have completed.

What do I have to do? How does this work?

How does it work?
You pay, we play, you AFK! You get your points regardless of if your active, so all you have to do is AFK at the west cannon (safespot) with auto-retalaite off. You don't need to know anything about the minigame & you don't even need to call! Once you're called just show up with the gp & the team will carry you through the waves using our specialised 4 man methods.

There are no requirements to using our services, we can boost any account.
However, please let us know if you're below 20 hitpoints: Prices for <20HP will be 20% extra due to the extra time required on wave 10 as the Penance Queen can 1 shot you. Don't worry though, it's a safe death for HCIM. If you're 20+ hitpoints then prices will not change.

What should I bring?
If you're a lower level then we recommend some basic melee armour but if you're mid-high level then you can show us your best fashion or wear nothing at all. All you really need to bring is the GP.
Note: unfortunately you cannot skill in BA so feel free to play on an alt account or watch a show while we boost you. Just don't log out!

Ironman considerations

Ironman considerations:
If you have a main then we recommend that you just pay us from that account. If your main is F2P then we can meet you in lumbridge or the grand exchange on a F2P world.

If you do not have a main but have the equivalent cash/items on your ironman then you can pay by dropping it in low level wilderness. However, we prefer you don't use this because of the obvious risks involved. Any items must be able to be insta-sold on the grand exchange for the price of the order. If you wish to undertake this option please contact a member of the star team to arrange this.

UIM considerations:
You cannot take runes, rune-pouches, ammo or looting bags into Barbarian Assault. You must also have some free inventory space for the horn. We recommend you suicide to hespori/zulrah etc but if you haven't unlocked this option yet & have suicided at somewhere like Edgeville nettles then please keep track of the death timer & let our ranks know if you need to re-suicide during the session. Barbarian Assault is a safe minigame.

HCIM considerations:
Relax, we'll keep you alive but in the unlikely event you die then you won't lose your status! Barbarian Assault is a safe minigame.

Vegan HC-UIM considerations:
Sorry, but we're really good at killing penance creatures & we love what we do.

Existing points & discounts

Unfortunately, since we're already one of the cheapest BA Boosting ccs we don't offer any discounts, as it wouldn't be fair to our previous clients. Our prices are set based off supply & demand & are influenced by our competitors to keep rank engagement so we can continue to provide the fast queue times you expect.

If you have exisiting points then we can refund you 10% of the queen kill price/ per wave that isn't required. Let us know if you have any exisiting points so we can provide you with an accurate quote!

How can I join you as a rank to make money?

We're always accepting new ranks! You must pass a trial first however, so make sure you read & understand the trial requirements on the Join Us page of the site or in our #trial-requirements page in our discord. You can @trials in the #trial-applications page of discord or simply ask in "Ba Boosts" cc & we'll form a trial team for you.

All ranks must meet our minimum stat requirements, pass a trial & be level 5 in collector role + level 5 in the role they wish to trial. Secret alts are not permitted.