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Rank Requirements

All ranks must be level 5 in Collector AND the role they are trialling in.
All ranks must have an alternative account that meets the collector requirements if their primary account doesn't.

recommended coll gear_edited.jpg


Collector is not usually a trialled role however if you get complaints about your collecting, you will be trialled on this role. All ranks must also be a level 5 collector and have an understanding of the A/C block so they can perform this role. Collectors are expected to collect enough eggs to meet the point requirement for the client. Visit our Videos page to see a full Collector guide.
You must have 70+ Hitpoints and Defence along with tank armour to play as a collector or have an alternate account that meets these requirements.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 3.52.24 AM.png


To attack you must have 75 base melee stats along with 90 ranged and strength. You must also use a "Ring of Suffering (ri)" and void knight armour. The attacker will be expected to have an understanding of early wave kill orders to limit late spawns. They must A/C block throughout the first call on waves 6+, tagging rangers and fighters to make best use of their special attack weapons and killing NPCs to spawn eggs quickly for the collector. The attacker must use range and have a dinh's bulwark for accurate special attacks and a crystal or dragon halberd, for controlled, aggressive and defensive special attacks. We will watch for wasted game ticks between attacks, your application of the a/c block and your ability to get eggs out for the collector. We expect you to show basic knowledge of the attacker safe spot if you're low health so you don't die as you will not be getting healed. Attackers are also expected to force spawn the yellow egg and duplicate the omega egg with the use of stalls.

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 9.05.26 PM.png


The healer is expected to know what codes are. You're expected to use some form of code, whether you Overstock or not you will be trialled on your application of these codes. You are required to heal your teammates by vialling on waves 8 & 9. This is to get more points on the heal round in leeches. You must try to avoid standing on the defender and blocking/bumping runners. You must not chase healers west into the a/c block unless it's 100% necessary. You must have 60 def along with 60 hp to trial in this role or 85+ hp if you are on a lower defence account.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 3.46.40 AM.png


For the defender role there will be no time requirements. We will be predominantly looking at your food placement and the lure of healers. You are expected to NOT lure fighters and rangers from the west side A/C block by being on the logs at 24 seconds into the first call and not leaving before then. You are expected to stagger runners and multi-kill south, east and west runners. On waves 5+ you are expected to overstock call, delay until the second healer has spawned and main-stack delay so you don't pull healers west. You must have at least 60 defence along with 60 hp to trial in this role or 85+ hp if you are on a lower defence account. You are expected to use the wave 10 relure method at a minimum.

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